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Airfree P1000 - Platinum 2000 - Onix 3000 FAQ Airfree P1000 - Platinum 2000 - Onix 3000 FAQ
How does it work? Top

Airfree utilizes heat to sterilize the air dragged into its patented ceramic core by air convection. Inside the ceramic core air is sterilized at high temperatures (between 200º to 300º C). Any living micro-organism, bacteria, virus are incinerated regardless of how dangerous they might be.

Is Airfree safe for my Birds? Top
Airfree has no harmful emissions that can harm your birds unlike many of its competitors. The US FDA has determined (Click Here for FDA Article) that ozone is harmful to humans at certain levels and people should not be exposed to ozone. Your birds respiratory system is much more efficient than a humans. Any expose to ozone could be harmful.

Does Airfree collect and remove dust from a room? Top

No. Airfree is a sterilizer that destroys microscopic viruses, bacteria, and molds from a room

Does Airfree remove pet dander from a room? Top

Yes. Dander is a protein particle that is destroyed when passing through the Airfree sterilizing chamber. No proteins resist high temperatures. Airfree is a sterilizer that destroys microscopic viruses, bacteria, and molds from a room

I use a hepa filter now, what should I do? Top

Any filter that traps particles is a collection point for viruses, bacteria and mold. The filter only cleans particles but does not kill harmful viruses, bacteria and molds. Airfree can work with your current air cleaner by following these steps:

  • Remove and totally clean and disinfect your current air cleaner from the room. This should include replacing all filters.
  • Allow Airfree to run up to 3 weeks to sanitize the air in the room.
  • Place your disinfected air cleaner back into the room. Try to place at the opposite end of the room from Airfree to increase air circulation in the room.

Is there any contra-indication? Top

Airfree does not have any contra indication, on the contrary it should be used in every room in every single house to improve indoor air quality.

What is Airfree capacity? Top

Airfree P1000 has capacity up to 450 sq. ft. and the Platinum 2000 550 sf per room.

Can Airfree be installed in closets? Top

Yes, as long as Airfree is not placed under shelves. Airfree is ideal for pantries and placed free of obstacles. Recommended minimum room volume is 10 m3.

Can Airfree be used in rooms equipped with air conditioned? Top

Yes. We recommend to install Airfree in all rooms in central air conditioned homes and offices.

Can Airfree be installed in any room? Top

Airfree was designed for indoor use. Airfree is a electric device and as all electric home appliances requires common precautions to avoid electric hazards. Never put it in water or any liquid or pull its electric cord.

Can Airfree be placed in a corridor to protect connecting rooms? Top

No. Airfree is to be placed in just one room, away from open windows and doors. The air cleaning efficiency in rooms connected to that corridor where Airfree is installed is almost none unless those rooms have Airfrees plugged in.

Can Airfree be installed in closed rooms? Top

Yes. Minimum recommended room volume is 320 cu. ft (10 m3) or a room roughly 7 ft. x 6 ft.

Are windows and doors to be kept closed? Top

No. Regular ventilation does not affect Airfree efficiency. It is recommended that Airfree is not placed next to window or doors nor in the middle of an air stream.

Can Airfree be plugged during the day in the living room and switched to the bedroom at night? Top

No. Airfree must be always on the same room according to the Manual.

Shall I unplug Airfree when going out of the house or office? Top

No. In order to be efficient Airfree must be always on in the same room.

For a quick period Airfree was disconnected. Is there a problem? Top

No if for just a couple of hours. Airfree will quickly recover lost time.

Does Airfree eliminate bacteria and germs? Top

Yes. Airfree's bactericide and germicide efficiency is recognized by international independent laboratories and universities. Please visit the Test Page where many tests are available upon a click.

How does Airfree eliminate dust mites? Top

Mold reduction in the atmosphere causes a reduction in the mold dependant dust mite population. Airfree also destroys the harmful toxins and fungus freed by dust mite feces as well as airborne dust mites skeletons that trigger respiratory allergies.

How does Airfree eliminate fungus? Top

Fungi, spores (fungi "seeds") are incinerated inside the patented ceramic core of Airfree, so as bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Does Airfree destroy viruses? Top

Yes. The smallest microorganisms the better for Airfree as they are more easily carried by airflows into the patented ceramic core of Airfree. Airfree is the best ally in preventing respiratory diseases.

Does Airfree eliminate tobacco smell? Top

Our customers claim yes. We have no independent test yet but it is under way. Any organic odor is eliminated but as said before tobacco smell is still to be confirmed.

Does Airfree release any gas or chemical product? Top

No. Sterilization is done by heat in a way that no emissions are delivered to the room ambiance.

Does Airfree heat the room? Top

No. Airfree was projected to avoid any sensible interference in room temperature and humidity. The heat contribution of 2 Airfrees is the same as of one extra person in a room.

Is the room humidity affected by Airfree? Top


Does Airfree require filter replacement? Top

No. Airfree has no filters and requires no maintenance other than cleaning the top lid with a dry or humid cloth. When cleaning Airfree please disconnect it from the electric source.

Is Airfree electric consumption high? Top

No. Airfree's consumption is less than a 50 Watt light bulb.

Can children be burned when touching Airfree? Top

No. Airfree's top lid achieves 61 C on its center which is uncomfortable but not enough to cause any burn. Children will remove their hands when touching the top lid.

How do I know Airfree is not working? Top

As long as the top lid is warm, Airfree is working properly. If cold please refer to the instructions manual.

How long is the warranty? Top

Airfree warranty is 2 years from the date of purchase. Please make sure you keep Warranty card duly stamped by store.

What is CADR? Top

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate, and it is a way to measure how fast an air cleaner removes airborne contaminants over a short period of time. CADR is a standard laboratory test for some manufacturers in the air-cleaner industry, using a specific size chamber with premeasured levels of airborne particulates.

Does CADR measure the effectiveness of the Airfree? Top

Not at all. CADR is not designed to test the Airfree technology. Airfree requires low air-speed flow when compared with other air purifiers/ air cleaners in the market that rely on a high-speed airflow.

Airfree new technology is 99.99% efficient and most important: silent. Airfree destroys (not trap or attract to other surface) any microorganism regardless of how small they might be.

99.99% of all organic particles (virus, bacteria, mold, spores, allergens, microorganisms) are fully destroyed when passing through the Airfree U.S. patented ceramic core.

Airfree extraordinary efficiency was proven by several independent U.S. and international Laboratories and Universities.

Airfree independent tests were made in libraries, offices, archives, hotels, hospitals, etc., in regular day to day use. In those tested rooms an average 80% reduction in mold and airborne microorganisms was achieved. Which other air purifier offers those independent tests?

Airfree proven technology is very, very efficient with reduced airflow.

  • Customer should always follow the instruction Manual.
  • Always plug it in on the floor, free from obstacles, away from air streams, open doors or windows so sterilized air does not go away.
  • Do not place it under or over furniture nor behind curtains or blinds.
  • Always keep it on.
  • Always keep units plugged in the same room. Do not remove them from one room to another. In doing so the microorganism level will raise when the units are removed. Please check SGS Natec test in the Tests page.
  • No maintenance is required.

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Airfree Links

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  • Airfree Comparisons, Mold and Viruses Eliminated & More (pdf 546K)
  • Instruction Manual (Note: Filesize 2.3 Meg)
  • Downloadable version of our Airfree Information. (pdf)
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