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Paradise Small Triple Foraging Box Bird Toy
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Avitech Avian Supplements Avitech Avian Supplements

Avitech Nutritional and Herbal Supplements

  • Avitech has been providing Premium Avian Products since 1984.
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Herbal Extracts - 100% Alchohol Free
  • For all sizes of rare and exotic birds
Avitech Avian Supplements
Avitech Avi-Immune Immunity Booster Avi-Immune Immunity Booster - Avi-Immune is a formulation developed specifically for birds to supply DMG (dimethylglycine) in an easy to use and readily accepted form. DMG is an amino acid found in such foods as cereal grains, liver, and beans. As a nutritional supplement, DMG acts as a building block for the synthesis of many important substances such as choline, the amino acid methionine, several hormones, neurotransmitters, and DNA.
Avitech AviAgra Fertility Supplement AviAgra Fertility Supplement - Put spice into your bird’s love life with this special mixture of vitamin E and essential amino acids in a pleasant natural tangerine flavored base. Feed by sprinkling on soft food: fruit, vegetables, sprouts, etc. Good for all adult birds from canaries and budgies to amazons and cockatoos.
Avitech AviBios Lactobacillus & Probiotics AviBios Lactobacillus & Probiotics - AviBios avian-specific Lactobacillus promotes and maintains natural intestinal balance. Use daily for baby birds and after antibiotic treatment for adult birds. Recommended daily for Cockatiels. Contains 5 types of Lactobacillus. 2 billion CFU/gm.
Avitech AviCal Plus Calcium Supplement AviCal Plus Calcium Supplement - is formulated to improve skeletal structure, beaks, nails and feathers. It will also help avoid soft shell eggs. AviCal Plus is compounded in an FDA inspected facility using only human-grade ingredients. Provides support for bones, beaks and nails. Laying hens in particular need calcium and D3.
Avitech AviCalm Avitech AviCalm - is an avian specific formulation using a compound found in green tea leaves. Use for screamers, nervous or aggressive birds: For behavior related feather pickers and chewers. For traveling or new environments. Safe, non-sedating, non-toxic. Mix with Featheriffic! and deposit on fruit, veggies, or seed.
Avitech AviCalm Avitech AviClean - The best cage cleaner (and perch cleaner and toy cleaner) we've ever used. Our AviClean formula has twice the dirt-eating enzyme power as the leading poop remover. AviClean is safe to use. There is no need to remove your bird from the cage when you clean. AviClean is also a good deodorizer with a fresh minty smell. Also excellent for cleaning up dog and cat accidents. Can be used on carpets and wood floors. In Ready to Use and Concentrate.
Avitech AviFlax Gold Avitech AviFlax Gold - AviFlax Gold is a human-grade organic milled flax product processed specifically for feeding to birds. Aviflax Gold is chemical free and non GMO. It is an all natural product that improves the health of parrots and their offspring. Omega 3,6 & 9 from flax seed has been shown the enhance antibody production and protect against hypertension.
Avitech AviGain Avitech AviGain - A high-energy formulation of complex carbohydrates, vegetable fat, and proteins. Use for convalescing birds or to maintain weight on weaning chicks. Birds often need help in gaining or maintaining weight during or after illness. It is common for birds to become thin when they become ill and they urgently need to maintain weight.
Avitech AviGlo Avitech AviGlo - is the key to glowing feathers! AviGlo premium palm oil is a certified organic red oil obtained by cold pressing the fruit of the dende palm. It provides a number of essential fatty acids including omega 3 and omega 6. Palm oil is familiar to birds in the wild as many use palm fruit as a large part of their diet.
Avitech Avilina Spirulina Avitech Avilina Spirulina - uses a special strain of Spirulina Platensis developed to maximize production of carotenoids, including four forms of Beta Carotene, known to be potent immune system boosters and sources of Vitamin A. Our Spirulina is also a rich source of B vitamins and minerals as well as essential amino acids. Avilina Spirulina is pure Grade AAA, certified free of heavy metal contamination or pesticides.
Avitech AviPow Antifugal Avitech AviPow Antifugal - A natural treatment for Candida, fungus, yeast and bacterial infections. Made from the bark of a rainforest tree well known by natives in South America. The active ingredient in AviPow has been used for centuries to cure illnesses, especially fungal infections.
Avitech AviVera Aloe Spray Avitech AviVera Aloe Spray - Avitech AviVera Aloe Spray is a must for every bird first aid kit. Aloe is a well known natural antiseptic, analgesic and styptic. A light spray of AviVera once a day can help stop irritation from feather picking and in some case, stop picking altogether.
Avitech AviVita Plus Avitech AviVita Plus - is a comprehensive formulation providing 14 avian essential vitamins, 17 amino acids and 7 minerals. Feed every day to keep your bird in top condition.
Avitech Cal-D-Solve Calcium/Magnesium Supplement Avitech Cal-D-Solve Calcium/Magnesium Supplement - is a high-performance calcium/magnesium supplement, with added vitamin D3, formulated for maximum absorption in the gut and clear solubility in drinking water. Cal-D-Solve contains no color or flavoring and no preservatives. It is used when calcium deficiency is present or for chronic egg layers or birds producing soft shell eggs.
Avitech Coco Loro 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Avitech Coco Loro 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - is cold pressed from the meat of fresh coconuts. It is never cooked or smoked. It is also certified organic and is human food grade. Coco Loro coconut oil can help support the immune system, maintain an active metabolism and provide inexpensive antimicrobial protection.
Avitech ElectroVites+ Avitech ElectroVites+ - electrolyte powder provides electrolytes to fight dehydration in sick or newborn birds. Use instead of Pedialyte or Lactated Ringers and mix only as much as needed. No waste. It is easy to use and store and has a pleasant taste and odor. Unlike drug store electrolyte powder, ElectroVites contains NO preservatives, artificial color or flavor and no artificial sweeteners.
Avitech Feather In Avitech Feather In - Soothing Botanical for Dry Skin Related Feather Picking.
Avitech Featheriffic Avitech Featheriffic - will help grow fabulous feathers. Use along with AviVita Plus daily maintenance vitamins. Sprinkle on top of the food where the bird can see it. This formulation contains coarse ground corn that attracts birds and aids in acceptance.
Avitech Formula One™ Quick Weight Gain Hand Feed Avitech Formula One™ Quick Weight Gain Hand Feed - is used alone to feed newborns and as a supplement to handfeeding formulas for older baby birds. It is also an ideal supplement for hand feeding underweight adults that have been injured or are ill.

Herbal Extracts

Avitech Arthritis Formula Herbal Supplement Avitech Arthritis Formula Herbal Supplement - For elderly and/or injured birds. This combination of medicinal herbs helps to relieve arthritis discomfort and reduces swelling and toxins which cause pain. Elderly birds, abused and rescue birds suffering from general pain and malaise can be helped by this formula. Can be used long term.
Avitech Candida Yeast BeGone Herbal Supplement Avitech Candida Yeast BeGone Herbal Supplement - Suppresses Candida and Yeast while Boosting Immune System. 100% Alcohol-Free Extract. The Candida/Yeast BeGone Extract uses Echinacea Angustiflora to help energize the immune system while eliminating yeast or candida infections with Pau D’arco bark, Usnea, Reishi, and Thyme. Great for handfeeding babies which develop Candida infections and to treat infected adults who routinely produce infected babies. Not for long term use.
AvAvitech Chamomile Flower Herbal Supplement Avitech Chamomile Flower Herbal Supplement - Chamomile flower has long been used in teas to achieve relaxation in birds. This formula is easier to administer and not only helps relax but can aid sleep, improve digestion, and stimulate the appetite. Chamomile contains the amino acid tryptophan which naturally reduces stress and anxiety. Can be used long term.
AvAvitech Echinacea Angusifolia Herbal Supplement Avitech Echinacea Angusifolia Herbal Supplement - Echinacea Angustifolia provides analgesic properties which can be used to treat pain from external wounds, internal inflammation, and arthritis. It can enhance the immune system and can be used to treat respiratory infections. Can be used long term.
AvAvitech Echinacea Purpurea Herbal Supplement Avitech Echinacea Purpurea Herbal Supplement - Immune System Booster. Echinacea Purpurea root is an important herb which aids in the production of white blood cells. It contains polysaccarides which motivate white blood cells to attack bacterial invaders. Thus, it contributes to the body’s natural ability to fight infection and is commonly used to reduce inflammation caused by infections. Echinacea Purpurea also contains alkamides which can inhibit tumor growth and help control pain. Not for long term use.
AvAvitech Immune Booster Herbal Supplement Avitech Immune Booster Herbal Supplement - stimulates resistance to many acute illnesses and general immune responses. It helps stimulate white blood cells, T-cells and killer cells and increases and strengthens the body’s powers of resistance. It can also be given when exposure to other birds is expected such as shows, boarding and visits to the vet. Not to be used long term.
AvAvitech Milk Thistle - Dandelion Root Herbal Supplement Avitech Milk Thistle - Dandelion Root Herbal Supplement - Milk Thistle Seed and Dandelion root have long been used to help detoxify bird’s livers resulting from fatty liver disease which can occur due to the high fat content of seed based diets and liver damage from exposure to aflatoxins (toxins from certain types of fungus). Can be used long term.
AvAvitech Pau D'Arco Bark Herbal Supplement Avitech Pau D'Arco Bark Herbal Supplement - Yeast and Bacteria Suppressor has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation from bacterial and fungal infections. The Pau D’Arco Tree bark is highly effective against such infections as candida albicans, tinea infections, and some bacterial infections such as strep and staph. Not to be used long term. .
AvAvitech Relaxation - Calming Formula Herbal Supplement Avitech Relaxation - Calming Formula Herbal Supplement - This formula uses several well-known calming herbs which work together to reduce stress from the environment or deep seated behavioral issues such as screaming, biting and feather picking, barbering, plucking or mutilation. Can be used long term.
AvAvitech System Detox Herbal Supplement Avitech System Detox Herbal Supplement - clears environmental and chemical toxins from tissues and protects the liver. 100% Alcohol-Free Extract. Environmental toxins are a particular concern as birds’ sensitive respiratory tracts are especially vulnerable to pesticides, fertilizers, smoke, unclean water that can affect their general health and immune systems. This formula works to purify the blood, protect and support organ function and protects the body from further damage while helping liver function for efficient removal of systemic waste and absorbed toxins.

Are you looking for Avitech Supplements and Herbal Extracts? Bird Supply Of New Hampshire offers a variety of Avitech Supplements including, Herbals, Supplements and Vitamins. For more information on Avitech Avian Supplements Bird Supply Of New Hampshire.

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